1. Grow LVM physical volume

    The pvresize command can be used to grow an existing physical volume so long as you grow the parition on the underlying device.

    1. Use fdisk -l /dev/sdc1 to find the start sector of the partition.
    2. Delete existing partition and create a new partition with the same start sector.
    3. Use …
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  2. Using ssmtp with FastMail

    #  a config file for sSMTP sendmail.
    # The user that gets all mail for userids less than 1000. If blank, address
    # rewriting is disabled.
    # the smarthost or relay or ...
    # TLS Config
    # The full hostname
    Hostname …
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  3. Signing GnuPG keys with caff

    Published: Wed 16 November 2016
    By Jon M

    In misc.

    These are my notes on getting caff configured and working in order to send signed keys after the OhioLinuxFest keysigning. All of this was done on a Fedora 24 Workstation using only the standard repositories.


    The pgp-tools package provides caff. It can be easily installed with yum. I also …

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  4. Configuring ipmi using ipmitool

    Packages and Services

    On RHEL7Server the OpenIPMI and ipmitool are necessary to configure and use IPMI.

    $ yum install OpenIMPI ipmitool


    Configure a static ip address on the first port. For dynamic configuration set ipsrc to dynamic.

    $ sudo ipmitool lan set 1 ipsrc static
    $ sudo ipmitool lan set 1 ipaddr …
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  5. Reinstall the Kernel with yum

    After failing to update the initrd after making changes to the plymouth boot I was unable to boot into the kernel. The yum reinstall fixed this

    $ yum reinstall kernel

    However, this doesn't always work. If yum feels the kernel is already installed and healthy this will return 'nothing to do' …

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