1. Have dovecot logins update lastlog

    Two changes are needed to have dovecot update lastlog when a user logins with either imap or pop3.

    In /etc/dovecot/cond.d/auth-system.conf.ext enable PAM sessions

    passdb {
      driver = pam
      args = session=yes dovecot

    Then, enable the lastlog module in the dovecot PAM configuration at /etc/pam.d …

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  2. Change network device name after restore

    Summary: Restoring a server using an image based backup product can result in network inteface naming changing. Here is a short procedure to changes those names back.

    If the MAC address of a physical or virtual network interface changes then the device name will often change as well. This is …

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  3. Interface teaming with nmcli

    Published: Mon 28 December 2015
    By Jon M

    In misc.

    Create the team interface

    This creates a new team interface named team0 and sets runner (bond mode) to lacp. In these examples the name of the interface is team0 - this is entirely for personal tastes. The connection name can be anything, using team simply makes things easier to follow.

    $ nmcli …
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  4. Hammer notes

    Published: Wed 09 December 2015
    By Jon M

    In misc.

    Here is a collection of my notes on using hammer cli with Red Hat Satellite. Most of these things probably work with Katello also, but all of my testing is with Satellite.

    Add new Product

    Products are a group of repositories. Content Hosts can subscribe to a product to make …

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